Meet Asma

Assalamualaykum and welcome!

I'm Asma, a Canadian American Pakistani Muslimah. I started Momentora in 2017 after realizing my life needed a lot more structure and inspiration after becoming a mom and a typical planner was not comprehensive enough. I had to keep track of my prayers and Qur'an reading, as well as my home and family, and of course my own personal goals and dreams. So I decided to make a planner to fit my needs and your needs as a Muslimah. Even though I had so much more to keep track of, I felt like I had less tools to help me, and so the 2018 Seeking Jannah Life planner was born.

Before coming to Canada, I received my Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work and worked as high school social worker in the states where I provided crisis intervention for my students experiencing a wide range of psychosocial issues from depression to acute anxiety disorders, autism, self-harm, learning disabilities, and trauma recovery. Prior to that, I was working with special education cases, supervising a team of counselors, and counseling domestic violence batterers and trauma survivors. Through these experiences, I gained invaluable insights and implemented a variety of evidence-based therapeutic interventions. I've also had the privilege to teach and lead workshops in my Muslim community for the past several years. Since I was around 18 years old, I learned that helping others and empowering people in the toughest moments was truly the only way I could live a holistic and meaningful life. 

This mompreneur journey has been incredible thus far and I hope for it to bring much needed inspiration, encouragement, and connection to the Muslimah who seeks a quality planner for her dynamic life. I have high hopes for what can be accomplished through this endeavour and hope you will support me for the ride inshaAllah!

Warmest wishes,