Meet Asma

Assalamualaykum! Peace be upon you. 

I'm Asma, a Canadian American Pakistani Muslimah. I started Momentora in 2017 after realizing my life needed a lot more structure and inspiration after becoming a mom and a typical planner was not comprehensive enough. I had to keep track of my prayers and Qur'an reading, as well as my home and family, and of course my own personal goals and dreams. Can you relate? So I decided to make a planner to fit my needs and your needs. I reminisced about the days when I would doodle in my school planners and how much satisfaction I got out of seeing my notes from each year. It was like looking back at a time capsule with my own special touch. It seemed like just yesterday when I was using overly colorful Lisa Frank diaries, and thought, "What about a planner for this new stage of life?" Even though I had so much more to keep track of, I had less tools to help me, and so the 2018 Seeking Jannah Life planner was born.

Before coming to Canada, I received my Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work and worked as high school social worker in the states where I provided crisis intervention for my students experiencing a wide range of psychosocial issues from depression to acute anxiety disorders, autism, self-harm, learning disabilities, and trauma recovery. Prior to that, I was working with special education cases, supervising a team of counselors, and counseling domestic violence batterers and trauma survivors. Through these experiences, I gained invaluable insights and implemented a variety of evidence-based therapeutic interventions. I've also had the privilege to teach and lead workshops in my Muslim community for the past several years. Since I was around 18 years old, I learned that helping others and empowering them in the toughest moments was truly the only way I could live a holistic and meaningful life. 

So after all this, I am choosing to take a step back from my professional work and instead, channel my training into this new project. I'm doing this by sharing the highest value content from my trainings on self-help, mental health, and wellness to help you reach the next level in your life. You will find your life planner is packed with powerful tips and tools that can truly transform your life should you choose to implement them and share them.

This mompreneur journey has been incredible thus far and I hope for it to bring much needed inspiration, organization, and connection to the Muslimah who seeks a dynamic planner for her dynamic life. I have high hopes for what can be accomplished through this endeavor and hope you will join me for the ride inshaAllah!

Warmest wishes,