About Momentora

When you pick up a Momentora planner, you know right away you are getting far more than an average agenda book. Sure, you can pick up any planner to take notes and write in important dates, but as a Muslimah with religious and worldly priorities, you need a life planner that can help you feel encouraged, focused, and product to meet your greatest goals in this life and the next inshaAllah. That's why my mission with Momentora is to create stationary and life tools with the highest value for today's Muslimah. My mission is to help you define and conquer your goals, live a holistic life driven by your values, and find great joy in using thoughtful stationary. I invite you to try the Seeking Jannah Planner if you are someone who loves crafting their life with meaning and intention through a quality life planner and a lifelong drive for personal development.

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