Why starting with a vision will lead you to long-term progress



When starting out with a new goal, idea, or plan for the months ahead, it's always important to give yourself the right time and space to deeply think about the vision you have for yourself. This will help with generating positive intentions and energy about what is yet to come inshaAllah 💭.

Create an atmosphere that is to your liking before you get into starting with your planner - maybe there is a nice park you could go to or a tree 🍂🌱 you like to sit by. Perhaps lighting some candles or making yourself a cup of tea will add a nice touch. ☕️Make this time a special one as you as you invest in your future self. So let's get started! Bismillah...

Set a Vision for Yourself

  • Ask yourself: What is currently working well? What can be improved? What do you hope to do quarterly for your growth and how does this vision make you feel? Consider different domains such as relationship(s), health, spiritual, projects, etc. Write this vision and break it out into 3-4 achievable goals. These can be written in the first vision board pages of the planner. 
Monthly Plans + Reflections
  • Use your monthly layout to step back and see the BIG picture for that month. Write in important dates, days for extra worship or fasting, and project timelines. These will help with accountability and tweaking things if life happens and you need to change plans. The monthly reflection pages are great for tracking and rating how you are doing in each domain area. 
Weekly Nuggets
  • Use your weekly layout for weekly appointments, tasks, and narrowing down smaller objectives towards your bigger goals. The weekly view is perfect for tracking salah and habits, adding in meal plans, gratitude, mind/body/soul improvements, du'as, and reminders. Stay flexible with adding dates as you go or label all the months ahead of time if that works better for you. 
Schedule Values, Appointments, To-Do's
  • When we start with scheduling our values, we give priority to what matters most and set the right tone for the week. Start with values such as days to study the Qur'an, family time, self-care, outings, projects, or working out. Then put in your appointments for the week, followed by your errands and to-do list. Another option is write your weekly to-do list on the right side and then schedule in each activity into your week spread.
  • Try to pick a consistent time to do your regular weekly planning (Sundays tend to work for me) to make it a habit.
Make It Inspiring
  • Leave some room for white space for down time and areas to plug in inspiring quotes or special moments of the week you'd like to remember. Looking back on these moments will make you smile with gratitude. Stickers and drawings are also a fun way to beautify your planner. 
Elevate Your Habits, Salah, Qur'an and Goals All In One Place
  • The best part of a written Muslim planner is you can have everything in one place and notice your own patterns through the seasons. Enjoy the process and use the many tools throughout the planner to elevate yourself to your best life! 

When you start with a vision, you give yourself a destination to aim but if you simply start planning each day as it comes, you may be busy but not necessarily heading in any direction. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by goals, simply choose a small number that works for you, 3-4 max. Will your plans always go as planned? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no .. but when they don't, that's where some of the best growth, learning, tawakkul, and resilience happens. So don't worry, either way .. your goals are worth it and starting with a vision will help nourish your soul if the going gets tough, or if things are working out great inshaAllah! 

Till next time, 


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