Time Blocking For Infusing Barakah Into Your Day


I recently began implementing "time-blocking" and it has been a super helpful way to structure my day without the thought of "what should I be doing?" or "why is there not enough time for everything?" Here's a sneak peak at what this is looking like for me and I hope it can help you structure your blocks to ease your routines throughout the day! 

*Bonus Productivity Block* 5AM - 7:00AM

This time block was the only reason I was able to work on my business while keeping up with my home and family responsibilities. Being up early gives me the quiet time and space to thing BIG, think clearly, and get a lot done in a short amount of time because I am completely focused. Some things I do in this time block:

  • Wake up 
  • Have some tea
  • Pray two nafl Salah
  • Read my morning du'as
  • Recite my portion of Qur'an
  • Review my goals, values, and affirmations (yes, I actually look at these and it makes a big difference in my mindset for the day). There is a specific section for this in the planner. 
  • Work on my business 

Morning Block 6:30AM - 9:30AM

This is a typical morning block to get the day started and it usually includes the following:

  • Getting ready for the day
  • Fajr Salah
  • Looking over my planner for the day's top 3 priorities
  • Breakfast and du'as of the day
  • Seeing off my husband for work
  • Getting dinner prep going 
  • Cleaning up from breakfast and clearing dishes
  • Prepping snacks if we are spending the morning outside that day

Day Plan 9:30PM - 12:30PM

This is the time I usually go out if the weather permits and take care of any appointments.

  • Taking my daughter to the park
  • Do play activities at home (winters)
  • Library or other program
  • Appointments or meeting a friend
  • Last minute groceries or errands
  • Get my workout in
  • Have lunch and clean up after lunch
  • Get dinner going

Rest and/or Work Time 12:30-3:30

By 12:30, my daughter is ready for her nap and I get a chance to rest as well or, more often, do my business work. 

  • Put my daughter for her nap
  • Pray dhuhr and listen (usually either tafsir or podcast) while I prep dinner
  • Call or message my husband, parents, siblings, and friends
  • Work on my business (upkeep, content, emails, scheduling, etc.)
  • Take a short nap myself (rare)
  • Give my daughter a snack after she wakes
  • Have fruits and hydration for mama :) 

Dinner Time 3:30-6:30

This is a busier block as it includes several different parts to finish off the day and also prep for the following day. 

  • Playing or reading books with my daughter
  • Asr Salah
  • Get ready for the evening
  • Evening dua'as and dhikr
  • Receiving my husband when he arrives home
  • Maghrib Salah
  • Dinner and cleaning up after dinner
  • Prepping lunch and breakfast for the following day

Evening Time 6:30-9:30

This block covers all of the evening routine and any evening plans.

  • Isha Salah and Qur'an study as a family
  • Going to the masjid if possible
  • Prepping for bed time 
  • Showers
  • Putting our daughter to bed
  • Getting outfits ready for the following day
  • Working on my business

Self-care Time 9:30-11:00

This block is really special because it's a time to wind down, reconnect, focus on reflection and get in touch with my deeper thoughts. 

  • Reconnecting with my husband
  • Reading or writing
  • Stretching 
  • Jotting my plans into my Seeking Jannah planner for the next day
  • Making a gratitude list
  • Lighting candles 
  • Watching Erturgal :) 
  • Night du'as and sleep

As much as I used to be a night owl before, I realize the immense barakah of getting enough sleep so I can be up early the next day for my most productive day. Alhumdulillah the Seeking Jannah Planner facilitates this block method and keeps us focused on the values we aspire to live by. 

This is a great method for anyone trying to get handle on their day. Your day may look very different from this since mine is from the perspective of a stay at home working mother, but it is can be a useful strategy to customize your own blocks. I hope you give it a try and let me know how it works for you inshaAllah! 

Take care, 


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