The New Seeking Jannah Planner for Muslims


The new Seeking Jannah Planner is different in many ways while continuing to stand out as the only Muslim planner of its kind. One realization I had when designing the new planner was that planners are great for people who love to plan each day, but they also need to be flexible in case days, weeks, or even months need to be skipped for any reason. 

This thought helped drive my reasoning for designing a 12 Month and 52 Week planner that is undated. Start any time and when life happens (which it always does), start using it again when you are ready. No sweat, not waste. 

The planner is simple and minimal while encompassing several powerful tools to help you track and manage progress in different areas of your life. 

You will find 12 two-page month spreads at the front of the planner and each month has it's own monthly reflections pages. 

Following the months, there are 52 week spreads that are undated, allowing you to fill in the dates as you go. You will find weekly Islamic reminders, a habit tracker, a focus area, water tracking, and a to-do list with many areas to customize as you wish. 

This planner is also unique in that it offers thoughtful way to envision your upcoming year through goal setting worksheets, a Qur'an reading log, and a Gratitude log. 

While last years' planner included additional worksheets for managing other parts of the home, similar additions will be added here in the future, for you to download if you wish. 

Happy planning, 



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