The Quotes & Reminders That Changed Everything


Just a few months ago, I found myself unsure of my personal direction in life for the first time in a long time. I was happy to have the freedom of using my time how I pleased without too many external demands, but that's exactly where I struggled. I felt I needed to redefine my purpose and shift from my preconceived mindset of getting back to work as soon as possible. I asked myself, "what can I do, right here, right now to make a big impact in my life and in the life of others"?  I remember the moment it all changed for me. I put my daughter to sleep and walked over to my mirror to write down a few reminders to help me jump-start my ideation process for Momentora. Here are some of those reminders and quotes:

Nothing great comes without sacrifice.: If I wanted to do something big that required my time and energy, I realized I had to carve out that time without infringing on my other responsibilities. Since I had already gotten used to functioning with less sleep (new parents can relate lol), a little more sleeplessness wouldn't hurt, and in fact, I noticed I was more energetic because I was awake to work on something I really cared about. Rising early became my new normal.

Strive for progress, not perfection.: When we want to put forth our best effort, it's easy to get hyper-analytical which is helpful to avoid mistakes but I had to make sure I didn't stay stagnant for too long. With a project as big as building a company, creating a private label product, and taking care of everything from marketing, accounting, correspondence, collaboration, etc., I couldn't afford to over-analyze and over-think. If I needed to step away from a certain task or problem, I focused on another key area and kept going forward. 

"She remembered who she was, and the game changed.": This one by Laila Delia really hit me. Even though I felt distanced from parts of myself after facing many big changes in a short amount of time, I had to consciously reconnect with my proven talents, accomplishments, determination, abilities, strength, creativity, and re-shape my attitude to help me see that I could do so much with my time and resources. And I didn't do this in a boastful way or with any intention to overstate my accomplishments, but rather, to affirm what I already knew to be true. Allah (swa) was giving me a detour in life, different from my own original vision and I had to be open-minded enough to take advantage of the opportunities in front of me.

Some things take time - Sabr wa SalahOur life is made up of different seasons and just as we need to accept the seasons outside, we too need to accept the moments and circumstances we face throughout our days and months. Turning to Allah (swa) through patience and prayer are keys to great results inshaAllah. 

"Make the comeback stronger than the setback.": What may seem like a setback in our life path may actually be facilitating something so much greater than we'd ever imagined. I realized the importance of changing my perspective and using challenges as a springboard to reach higher ground. Yes, it was difficult to move away from what I'd called home for 25 years. Yes, I missed my friends, family, and connection to my community. Yes, parenting in the early stages is tough. Yes, I could not go back to the work I loved just yet. I validated my personal challenges without wallowing in them (too much), and instead saw them as my big "why" for doing what I needed to do to change things for me and for others. These reasons made it imperative for me to take action. I quickly went from saying "I want to do this" to "I need to do this." After that , the only way was forwad. 

And here I am today alhumdulillah. Take a moment to reflect on some of the best advice, reminders, or quotes that help you take action and keep going. 

Till next time,