Creating a Morning Rhythm

Today I wanted to share with you a few ways to instil calmness into your day. We have all had those days that start off as though we fell out of bed and we suddenly feel so behind and unmotivated. Not a fun way to start but these simple steps can really make a difference inshaAllah. 

Start The Night Before
  • In the Qur'an, you'll notice how Allah (swa) often refers to the night and then the day. Just as we prepare for Jummu'ah the night before, it's helpful to spend 10-15 minutes in the evening thinking about the next day, writing any appointments, prepping for meals, and any other key areas. I like to a make a "tend to" list where I write down all those little tasks that popped into my head during the day.
Sleep after 'Isha to Rise Early for Fajr
  • Recognize how Allah (swa) has given us anchors for our day with the beauty of Salah at fixed times. These timings can help us maintain the best schedules for ourselves and our families. Aim to put away any media and screens after sunset, do some reading, and sleep after 'Isha or after any last minute tasks. Set an alarm for your Fajr salah to start the day early for maximum barakah.
Have a morning ritual
  • Assuming you had a good nights' rest without disruption, give yourself time to wake up early and enjoy a morning ritual that can include something like getting ready before others wake up, reading morning du'as, and enjoying your morning cup of tea or shake outdoors. Thinking of something you are grateful for or looking forward to during the day is also a great addition. This simple process can truly transform your morning so you are ready for what the day has in store.
Identify other anchors for your day
  • Anchors can be anything from meal times, childrens' nap times, and recurring weekly activities depending on the day. For example, I try to go to the Library on Tuesdays, Groceries on Thursdays, Halaqah's on Fridays, etc. I also schedule snack breaks at 10 and 3 as an anchor for my little one. Anchors can vary depending on the season you are in but knowing what they are can help cultivate easier transitions and habits inshaAllah.
Energy Versus Rest
  • Follow up energetic activities with restful activities and vice versa so you feel connected to different parts of you that need inward and outward activities to feel at ease.
Keep your planner open and visible
  • Keeping your planner where it's easy to see will help you stay motivated and focused on what you have planned for your day and week.

This week, try to set out an intentional routine for your morning starting the night before, and I hope you will see the many benefits of this process inshaAllah. 


Till next time, 

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  • Honest and Truly motivational. Jazak Allahu khirn for these Golden tips.

    Hiba Bint Mohamed Shareef

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