Allowing ourselves to feel, reflect, and decorate the hallway


I recently launched a new free email series on resilience and it has been so, so well received alhumdulillah, so I wanted to go ahead and share parts of the series with you here! To sign up for the email series, you can click here.


One of my goals with Momentora this year is to help sisters "come back" after a hard season by focusing on their mindset, strengths, and resilience.

We all go through difficult life seasons
And I feel that now more than ever, we need tools and skills to build our resilience in the face of hardships that come our way (through news, personal life challenges, or our own mental blocks).

When I personally felt I stuck...
Ironically, Momentora started for me when I personally felt stuck but I knew I was capable of changing my circumstances with du'as and determination towards a bigger goal. Going through this journey has helped me get out of my own periods of feeling low and (seemingly) losing track of my vision.

Feeling stuck during a test from Allah (swa):
Recognizing tests is so important in helping us gain perspective on our situation. Allah (swa) tells us in ayah 155 of Surah Al-Baqarah that we will be tested in various ways in this life, but the patient ones will be given glad tidings. 

It's important to note that we can be experiencing a test with patience and also struggle through it while seeking help through du'a and other means. Patience does not invalidate the fact that we may still struggle.

Try this: Identify and write down any current tests you are experiencing. Allow yourself to acknowledge the challenges without judgement. Make note of which challenges to make extra du'as for at times when du'a is especially accepted. 

What does feeling stuck actually feel like in our bodies?
For some people, feeling stuck can be very literal in that they may feel unable to move about and do things with the energy they once had. For some, it can be mental blocks, negative thoughts, or a combination. 

Try this: Lie down in a calm place (a good time is right before you go to bed), and allow yourself to consciously notice any tension in your body. Then relax the muscles in each part of your body from your forehead, eyes, mouth, neck, shoulders, arms, and all the way to your toes. Tune into your body with love and compassion for all that you are carrying. Practice 3x/week.

Everyone always talks about how when one door closes, another one opens, but no one talks about the hallway...
When I was in between my season of "no longer" and "not yet" I started to feel unsure of myself. I wish someone had told me about the hallway. When feeling stuck, sometimes the harder we try, the less likely we are to see results. If we are unsuccessful in our efforts, this can lead to negative thoughts and self-doubt about our capabilities. 

Try this: When stuck in a difficult time or facing a hard problem, try to get some space through a morning walk, write out your thoughts in a journal, or ask an unbiased person for help. Journaling can be especially helpful to process what you are feeling.

When you are not sure what door is next for you, try "decorating the hallway". Refresh your space, add flowers, or start a simple project. Consider the opportunities that are right in front of you and recognize that your current state may be exactly what is needed for something better to transpire ahead inshaAllah.

Give yourself some time to try these practices during your week and I will be back in your inbox with more steps soon inshaAllah! And feel free to reply below with any comments or questions. I'd love to hear from you.

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In case we haven't met...
I'm Asma, MSW social worker, mother, entrepreneur, and founder of Momentora. I am passionate about the intersection of Allah-Centric living and strategies for wellbeing based on social work research and sharing these ideas with you all through the Seeking Jannah Planner. I love helping sisters learn more about their strengths and use their personal gifts to reach their goals. Join the Momentora community on Instagram to stay posted on all our updates.

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