6 Allah-Centric Tools Your Current Planner is Missing

When I started designing the new planner for this year, I wanted to bring you a simple yet stylish planner with thoughtful tools to help you center your life and your days around Allah Almighty. Most planners have the obvious spaces to write out your day's agenda, but when you open the Seeking Jannah Planner, you know it is more than a planner, it's a journey.

It's a journey to help you envision, track, and manifest your greatest goals in the spheres of your life you value most.

The tools you will find in this years planner are all about setting you up for your best year in this life, so you can live an Allah-centric year. 

This includes:

  1. Reflections on how Allah blessed you and tested you: Sometimes when the new year starts, we are so eager to move forward but there is great value in just staying present to reflect on how things are right now. What was the year like for you? In what ways did Allah Almighty help you grow and what lessons were we supposed to learn through the ups and downs that came during the year?
  2. Qur'an Reading Log: One of the best ways to center our lives around Allah is to connect with the Qur'an on a daily basis. Having a handy Qur'an log in your planner serves as a visual tracking reminder to help you reach your goals. Each of us has may have different goals in our Qur'anic journey, and that is okay, as long as we are connecting and making progress each day to understand Allah's words. 
  3. Gratitude Chart: This is by far my favorite tool in the planner. This tool give you a space to visually reflect on the areas of your life requiring patience, the areas that you are grateful for, and the things you want to make du'a for. As you fill out this chart, you will begin to notice how your du'as gradually enter the gratitude category, because Allah is listening to YOU. How uplifting is that? :) 
  4. Weekly Islamic Reminders: Each week comes with a reminder from the Qur'an or Sunnah to .. again, help us stay more conscious of Allah throughout our day. Each daily spread also includes a Salah tracker as well!
  5. Monthly Ratings on Qur'anic connection, Salah, Family, and Work: I've always been a big believer in rating scales because they help us gage where we are at in the moment. For each of the 12 months, the planner has a 2-page monthly review section to help with writing down wins, celebrations, du'as to make, and areas to rate different spheres of your life for the month. 
  6. Healthy Habit Tracking: By far one of the best ways to change a habit or build a new habit is to track it, so each week includes a habit tracker for you to customize to your needs. One of the habits I am instilling this year is waking up at the same early hour every day - 5 AM. As I've shared before, the "5 AM" club was the single most important habit that helped me accomplish my planner last year and I want to make it a central part of my morning routine inshaAllah. Other habits could include working out with an intention to take care of the body Allah blessed you with, or reading every day. Pick your top non-negotiable values and see how you can make them into daily habits. 

If you are interested in having a planner for yourself (or as an awesome, unforgettable gift), head over to the shop section and get yours now while supplies last! 


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