6 Ways To Use Mind-Mapping To De-Clutter Your Mind

Mind-mapping is where you start with a central point - It could be a word, a goal, a quote, or an idea. Then, you start to add branches and sub-branches that relate to your core.

The reason mind mapping works is because you start with a big picture idea and work outward, narrowing down the details. It's excellent for doing a "mental inventory" of things related to a central topic and seeing everything in a more dynamic and inter-linked way.

So here we go!

  • Your Future Plans: Start with a time frame in the center such as 3 or 6 months, Quarter 1-4, Year, etc. and start branching out with plans for your future. Create categories for your deen, family, work, health, mind, how you want to feel, and more as needed.

Now, don't just leave your amazing ideas on your mind-map .. The next step is to schedule each task into your planner so you start seeing real results and hold yourself accountable. 

  • Current Challenge: Take a current challenge such as Finances or Health, and create branches that relate to the challenge as well as what obstacles are in the way, and small changes you can make to get the biggest results. 
  • Your Big Idea: New project or idea in mind? Start with a mind-map to display the various parts of the idea that will make it all come together. Write out everything you know for now and categorize as needed. 

Use your monthly review pages in your planner to track how you are doing towards your big goals!

  • Solve a Problem: Identify a problem and all of the potential ways of solving it. It could be any problem such as starting a zero waste lifestyle, getting up for Fajr on time, an interpersonal problem, a work issue, marketing your side hustle, or anything that keeps affecting you and needs a thoughtful solution. 
  • About Me: Get to know yourself again in a fun way! Put your name in the middle of your page and branch out with different parts of you such as your favourite things, activities, people you love spending time with, influences throughout your life, hobbies, times you felt at your best, your strengths, what you find funny, and more. It's awesome to create these kind of mind-maps yearly and see how much you grow, change, or stay the same as the years go on.
  • Key Concept You're Studying: I loved using mind maps in school because I understood concepts better in a visual way. Try mind-mapping something you are learning in any of your courses and add a few doodles to make it interesting. 

I hope you can see the value of mind-mapping and the versatile ways of using this method to gain clarity. But it doesn't stop with mind-mapping of course, your best results come from making a strong sincere niyyah, and checking off all the great ideas you write down and scheduling them into your planner! 

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