5 Tips to Wake Up Before Sunrise


The day you decide to become an early riser, you will get your life back and take control of your days again. You will be responsive rather than reactive. You will feel a renewed sense of himmah (strength) and be ready to take on whatever comes across your day. Try it. It's revolutionary. 

The opposite is choosing to sleep late, catching up on other peoples' lives and waking up way past sunrise, only to realize Fajr has been missed yet again. Unsure of the goals for the day, one starts engaging in "catching up" and wondering why there is never any time left to do what they want. 

Change this habit. 

Make a commitment to rising early and starting your day. The barakah in the early morning hours is unmatched by any other time in the day. Is it easy? No, but it's worth it.

How can you build this habit? 

1. Sleep early. Create a routine to help you wind down. Dim the lights, have some tea, read a book, prep for the day ahead, and sleep early.

2. Focus on getting quality sleep. Contrary to popular belief, you may not need your full 8 hours of sleep, especially if it is not scheduled well or the quality is poor. Focus instead on getting quality sleep. You may find 6 hours of quality deep sleep is all you need. 

3. Set exciting goals for the morning. Most people sleep-in because there is little to look forward to the next morning. Each night, write down 2-3 goals or exciting things you are looking forward to and look at this list when you rise. Start by setting awesome goals and feeling enthusiastic about them!

4. Stretch and move your body first thing when you wake up 
before Fajr. Movement gets your blood and oxygen flowing. Avoid the caffeine (till later) and instead, focus on moving your body to get energized. It could be running in place, 50 jumping jacks, or some quick stretches.

5. Read your morning and evening du'as (supplications) and internalize their meaning. These supplications are powerful tools to center your mind, remove any negative thoughts, and increase your conviction in Allah Almighty's ability to take care of your affairs. You can review them here.

Instead of making a decision each morning whether to rise early or not, make it a habit. Turn on the lights at 6 am (or earlier) every morning and start your day. The reason I chose this simple habit  to feature for my first blog post for Momentora is because it is the single most effective ritual that has enabled me to make Momentora a reality, and I hope you will also implement this habit to change your day and your life in the best way possible. 

Till next time,