4 Ways Planning Can Facilitate Your Success


Planning is a powerful tool for people who want to accomplish great things in their day, their week, and ultimately their life. Planning helps you see ahead and stay focused on what really matters while cutting out the unnecessary things that can derail many others from their greatest goals. So let's go through just a few ways planning can facilitate your success. 

  1. Planning helps you craft your day without being reactive: A delayed start to the day makes it far more likely for us to react to situations that arise. Reactivity generally increases feelings of powerlessness which can lead to irritability, frustration, and even anger because it seems the world isn't in your favour. Rising early to craft the day can give you a proactive edge on whatever the day may bring.
  2. Open up your brain space for BIG ideas: Writing down all the "little stuff" gives your brain the space to think more creatively. Instead of having a constant running list of small things that need to get done, your mind will naturally have more space for interesting thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. Try automating things like bills or emails that take up precious time and energy and write down anything else that's been taking up brain space. 
  3. Visual reminders help with staying focused and accountable: Seeking Jannah Planner users have access to a variety of tools to help with visual tracking and accountability. Writing in a planner helps with seeing results whether it's with our health goals, our worship, projects, or home life. 
  4. Think consciously about the outcome you wish to achieve instead of general tasks. I will write a more detailed post on this inshaAllah as I'm a big believer in having a strong "why" for any goal one wishes to accomplish. Try writing out the top three outcomes you want out of your day. For example, an outcome could be "Working out for 30 minutes in order to reach my __________ weight goal," or "Completing 3 steps on my project tasks list in order to ________," or "Continue my Qur'anic studies for 30 minutes in order to _________." An outcome-oriented task list is so much more powerful. 

Going to move on to the next outcome on my list before my LO is up. :)

Till next time,