11 Reasons This Is Your Planner for 2018


I'll admit, the Seeking Jannah Planner isn't for everyone. It's custom-designed for you if you...

  1. Want to plan your days, weeks, and year with intention and purpose: Your planner asks you to pick a focus for your week and plan accordingly. It consciously helps you remove distractions and think about what's most important in your life.  
  2. Are a visionary dreamer with a commitment to take action: Your goal-setting sheet is designed to help you reflect on 2017 and use the lessons and celebrations from this year to craft your future goals. This is followed by a thoughtful project planning sheet where you can list out the descriptions, tasks, reward, and dates associated with each goal. 
  3. Aim to live an organized life driven by your values: Your journal prompts are available to structure your writing process and think deeply about key areas in your life and reflect on your deepest values. 
  4. Want to invest in your personal development, and just need a boost every now and then.: The weekly power tips are packed with the highest value content from my background as a social worker, mother, and lifelong student on personal development, to help you reach the next level in your life. 
  5. Want to maintain personal accountability for your prayers, Qur'an, fasting, sadaqah, and spiritual improvement.: Our most important commitment is to Allah (swa) first and foremost and this is why each page allows you to track your prayers, along with supplements to help you plan your Eid holidays, track your Qur'an goals, giving, and making up those missed fasts. The extra pages in the back are a great place to track your zakat or Ramadan game plan.
  6. Are committed to living a healthy lifestyle: If you are anything like me, keeping track of your water intake can be difficult. Not to worry because now you have an adorable way to mark off your water intake each day of the week! 
  7. Believe in the power of scheduling your top priorities based on your values: When we look back on our previous time and realize we haven't accomplished what we had hoped for, it is often because either we lost motivation, consistency, or did not schedule the task into our routine. Your planner encourages you to schedule what matters most because only the things you schedule or make into a habit will get accomplished. 
  8. Your want to develop the mindset needed to live a life you've always wanted: This planner is for women who want to turn their challenges into a springboard to reach higher ground. It encourages you to write out daily affirmations and personal strengths so you can leverage any difficulties that come your way and grow stronger through any hardships. 
  9. Care about setting a great example for your family: If you are mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, mentor, teacher, you name it ... you are setting an example whether you like it or not. This planner will help you think about the kind of life you wish to live as an example for yourself and those around you. 
  10. Love using beautiful stationary: Beautifully made in hard cover, with rose-gold wire binding and corner protectors, all packaged in your very own box ... need I say more. :) 
  11. Believe in supporting small business mompreneurs: There are no shortage of planners available at your local stores but Momentora is more than a company. It's a start-up with a story. It's a journey and a dream for me as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, social worker, and now an entrepreneur. It's a hope for growth ahead and a movement to help Muslim women reach their highest potential inshaAllah.

I am so excited for the planners to reach their new homes and I thank you for your support! 

Till next time,